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China Construction Metal Structure Association

China Construction Metal Structure Association was established in August 1981,it is a national social organization registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. The former competent unit is the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development of the People's Republic of China. As the only community organization in the field of construction metal structures in China, it was divided into the first batch of decoupling pilot social organizations by the Ministry of Housing, and Urban Rural Development in 2016. After decoupling in July, it accepted the business guidance, supervision and management of the working committee of the central and state organs, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and relevant industry management departments.

In 2004, it was awarded the title of "National Advanced Non-governmental Organization" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs; In 2005, it was awarded the title of "Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization" by the Party group of the Ministry of Construction of the Communist Party of China; In 2009, it was rated as "National Advanced Social Organization" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs; And in 2009, it was evaluated as a 4A association by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The association is engaged in building doors, windows, curtain walls, door and window accessories, building steel structures, aluminum structures, integrated houses, prefabricated buildings, steel structure bridges, photoelectric components, building shading, building fasteners, formwork scaffolds, water supply and drainage equipment, drainage and drainage utilization, valves, pipes, heating radiators, radiant heating and cooling, water fountain, comfortable home clean heating, purification and fresh air, earthquake resistance of building machinery and electricity,mechanical and electrical design for National Defense, testing and certification, building reinforcement and transformation and other industrial enterprises, as well as national, industrial and non-profit social organizations voluntarily formed by relevant colleges, universities, scientific research institutes and individuals.

The purpose of the association is to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Guided by Deng Xiaoping's theory, the important thought of "Three Represents", and the socialist ideology of China with Scientific Outlook on Development and Xi Jinping's new China characteristics, we must promote the technological progress of the industry, promote the upgrading of the industrial structure and transform the way of development of the industry by taking the initiative of independent innovation and sustainable development as the driving force. Actively play the role of bridge and link, earnestly perform the responsibilities of providing services, reflecting demands and standardizing behavior, and striving for the healthy and sustainable development of the construction metal industry.

Business scope of the association:

-Publicize and implement the party's and state's policies, laws and regulations on political, economic, industrial and industrial development;

-Safeguard the rights and interests of members and reflect the demands of members;

-Study industrial policies and assist the government and relevant departments in formulating and implementing industrial development plans;

-Assist relevant government departments to organize and undertake the preparation of standards, carry out the publicity and implementation of standards, and guide the technology and product upgrading of member enterprises;

-Establish the industry group standard system, carry out the preparation, release and operation management of group standards, and promote the technical progress of the industry; -Promote the construction of social credit system, establish industrial credit system, carry out enterprise credit rating evaluation, and improve the credit risk management ability of member enterprises;

-Organize the implementation of industry statistics, establish industry big data information management system, carry out industry research, and provide decision-making suggestions for the government to formulate relevant policies, laws and regulations; -_Organize and carry out scientific and technological project research, achievement appraisal and technical evaluation activities, promote the transformation of technological achievements, and guide member enterprises to improve product quality;

-Establish a technical personnel exchange platform, carry out technical personnel exchange, training, evaluation and promotion, and promote the construction of industrial technical personnel;

-Establish industry quality management and product quality evaluation system to promote the establishment of a market environment with high quality and good price;

-Build an exchange platform to carry out academic and application technology exchanges at home and abroad;

-Carry out cooperation and friendly exchanges with relevant foreign associations and organizations to help member enterprises promote the process of international development;

-According to relevant national regulations, do a good job in the editing and distribution of industry magazines and technical books, and promote the exchange of industry information;

-Organize public welfare activities and guide member enterprises to fulfill more social responsibilities.

The highest authority of the association is the member congress. Its main responsibilities include:Formulating and amending the articles of association;Election and removal of directors; Consideration of the report on the work and financial report of the Council;Formulating and revising membership fee standards;Decide on termination; Decide other major matters.

The association establishes a Council, which is the executive organ of the member congress. It leads the association to carry out daily work when the member congress is not in session and is responsible to the member congress. Its main responsibilities cover: implementing the resolutions of the member congress; Preparing for the convening of the member congress; Report work and financial status to the member congress; To decide on the establishment, change and cancellation of offices, branches, representative offices and entities; Approve the internal management system; Decide on other major matters.

The association establishes a standing council, whose main responsibilities are to implement the resolutions of the Council and put forward proposals and matters that need to be submitted to the Council for discussion and voting.

The association has a secretariat. The Secretariat is a permanent institution under the leadership of the Council, the Standing Council and the Chairman. It implements the secretary general responsibility system. Authorized by the Council, the Standing Council and the Chairman, it organizes and coordinates all offices, branches and entities to carry out activities in accordance with the responsibilities and business scope entrusted by the articles of the association.

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